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Strategies for stump removal vary greatly depending on factors such as cost, underground hazards, size, etc. and include:

-Mechanical excavation:  where able, fully digging out the root system with a excavator is a quick way to complete large jobs.

-Hand and hydro excavation:  Underground lines, close proximity to obstacles, or small scale jobs may dictate removing the stump by hand.

-Stump grinding:  Grinding out the stump is a cheap and effective way to quickly restore your yard from that stump.   Grinding takes the stump down to a depth enough to reclamate the black dirt on the surface as if the stump were never there. (generally a depth of 4-6 inches, not exceeding 12 inches, as per ground disturbance safety codes)

Stump drilling and rotting:  Drilling deep into the stump several times over with long auger bits, the stump can then be treated with safe and environmentally friendly substances to induce a more rapid decay for easy removal. 

Whether it be a stump in your yard or a tree you need gone stump and all, call 780-806-0744

to discuss your options for un-stumping your property! 

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